"rocking sled", 80x80x90 cm
antique sled, MDF, varnish

...for those parents whose children won´t sleep...

"grandparents fauteuil", ca. 90x77x60 cm
2 antique beds

another seat made of someones grandparents beds

"dining table", ca. 180x77x80 cm
antique table bases, MDF, varnish

two antique table bases stacked together and topped with an laquered table plate

"bastard" for bastard collection, ca. 250x100x170 cm
vintage cabinets, MDF, glossy and matt varnish

multifunctional display for a jewellery store. the owners gave me some old cabinets and i combined them into each other so that we got a furniture to store and display jewellery in many different variations. the old surfaces has been renewed and some new parts have been added. so we got a showcase, a small table for the try-on, drawer, doors, shelf, a clack for the electronic cash etc.